The Outreach Committee thanks Pam Honeychurch and Jenine Furry for becoming certified Early Response Team (ERT) Leaders. They both are now trained to be early responders to disasters. They will gain some experience by joining other teams before leading teams on their own. In order to provide rapid response to requests for such things as flood clean ups, Pam and Jenine, along with the Outreach Committee, are compiling a list of persons willing to also respond to disasters. While most of the help needed in such circumstances is physical labor, there is also a need, at times, for volunteers to listen to those affected or to provide food and beverages to responders and those affected. Please contact Pam, Jenine or Martha Boward if you would like to learn more or to add your contact information to the responders’ list. Being on the list does not require you to respond every time that there is a call, but having a list of willing volunteers will enable Sewickley UMC and our ERT Leaders to reach out as quickly as possible.