This Week at SUMC


This Week at SUMC

Sewickley UMC stands with our brothers and sisters at Tree of Life Synagogue

Russel Shuluga, the pastor at Sewickley United Methodist Church in Pennsylvania delivered an emotional sermon Sunday morning in the wake of the deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, reaching across religious lines to decry those would seek to silence others voices through force.

Sunday’s Sermon

Contemporary Service Playlist


Thank You to Sunday’s Volunteers

LiturgistMatthew McAliley
AcolyteVictoria Reardon
Children's Church Beth Zeanchock & Spencer Clifford
NurseryLaura Hess, Holly Burnett and Kim Benjamin
UshersDorritt Field, Barbara Bower and Otis McAliley
Greeters Pat and Steve Grossarth
Contemporary Service A/V Sandra Lane
Traditional Service A/V Pam Honeychurch


From the Pastor’s Heart


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