Have plastic plant pots/planters/trays/tags and want to recycle them? Lowe’s Garden Centers will take them! Lowe’s recycled 230,000 pounds of plastic in just three months during a pilot test in which 22 stores collected plastic pots, trays, and tags that are used with live nursery items. Following that success, Lowe’s expanded the program to all stores in the continental United States. This program makes it easy for consumers to return plastic plant trays, pots, and tags, regardless of condition and regardless of where consumers purchased the plant. Once the pots and trays are returned to the store, they are picked up by local vendors and sorted. The reusable material is sterilized and reintroduced to the production cycle. Serviceable trays are recovered and reused in the growing, shipping, and sale of live plants. Material not deemed reusable is crushed, banded, and sent for recycling.