UMCOR has issued grants for early response needs to Annual Conferences (for Bahama and for USA areas) that experienced severe weather losses. As early assessments are done and long term plans are formulated, further grants will be issued and volunteer teams will be formed. You may give to UMCOR by including your additional gift with your regular offering or via EasyTithe, marking “UMCOR” – unless specified, UMCOR donations will be divided between International Response and Domestic Response, with 60% going to Bahama relief efforts.

UMCOR is generally one of the first agencies to response to disasters in the USA and around the world, and it is generally one of the last ones to leave a recovering area.  Again, that work is only possible through our generous giving to UMCOR.  Interested in the other work of UMCOR?  Visit    Updates on most recent disaster responses can be found at and