The Western PA Annual Conference has a strong connection with the Nyadire Connection in Zimbabwe. This year, Lenten Fines will be collected and applied to the Hearing Impaired (HI) Program at the Nyadire United Mission. From “Deaf people can do anything that hearing people can do… except hear.”  Singing praises with no words but through the demonstration of gestures, they have proved that “Disability is not inability” is not a cliché for the HI choir at Nyadire CPS (Central Primary School), but a reality. In 2014, the HI program was only at Primary School and not yet implemented in the High school curriculum. The HI unit that has operated since 1994 came as a response by the United Methodist Church to the plight of the “hard of hearing” children in the Nyadire community. The department is manned by four specialized teachers. Many children either come from disadvantaged families, or the families do not see the necessity for educating a deaf child.

The Lenten Fines will help continue the work begun to enable all children to fully participate in schooling. Lenten Fines should be brought to church by April 28th. Lenten Calendars are available in the back of the sanctuary.