Special Offering – February 17th – This special offering helps promote awareness issues and supports Western PA Conference ministries that provide opportunities for fuller inclusion of people with disabilities.

What would it look like if…

  •     our churches had doors that were really open to receive everyone?

  •     our people really loved everyone?

  •     we really stopped judging everyone?

  •     we really respected everyone?

  •     we really valued everyone the way God does?

  •     our churches were really a place where everyone could truly belong?

  •     we really had eyes to see everyone around us who is hurting?

  •     we really did everything we could to alleviate that hurt?

Maybe it would look more like the Kingdom of God… maybe… maybe…

Please use the “Special Sundays” envelope located at the information table or mark your check “Disability Awareness.” You may also use EasyTithe.