According to 412 Food Rescue, “We waste up to 40% of our food globally—translating to over 1.3 billion tons annually. In the United States, we waste 62.5 million tons and spend $218 billion a year (or 1.3% of our GDP) in “growing, processing, transporting, and disposing of food that is never eaten”.” The mission of 412 Food Rescue is to prevent perfectly good food from entering the waste stream. One of the ways that 412 Food Rescue does that by utilizing volunteers, who pick up food donations from food retailers and deliver the food to non-profit partners. Additionally, 412 Food Rescue takes part in gleans at local farms; gleaning, such as Ruth did in the Bible (Ruth 2), entails gathering produce that is left after the main harvest. If you are interested in becoming a Food Rescuer, either by picking up and delivering donated food or by gleaning, you can learn more at