As the VBS team begins preparing for a “Roaring River Rampage” in August, we are concerned that we might get caught up a creek without a paddle. Please excuse the idiom. It seemed unavoidable.

We need to borrow paddles to decorate and perhaps to use in story-telling and games. Not ping-pong paddles, or the paddles sometimes kept by teachers in classrooms. We have some of those (ping-pong paddles; maybe not the other kind).

We need kayak paddles and canoe paddles.

Our evening program, planned for August 6 - 10, takes places as an adventure along a whitewater river. We need to borrow props to make it look and feel authentic. We would also like to borrow kayaks and or canoes, if possible. But only if you promise to reclaim them at the end of the week. The Trustees won’t permit us to open a boathouse.

We would also like to obtain some inflatable rafts for the week, if anyone has access to them. And, if you have any lifejackets to share, we will accept those as well.

If you have any other equipment that would help create a whitewater setting, we’re interested. We hope to involve the sanctuary, the Simpson Room, and several classrooms in the basement.

We also need Christmas trees, without lights, so we can create a pine forest.

For more information, contact camp directors Susie Moffett and Holly Burnett, or any member of the Fellowship of the Cross youth group.

We’re going Rolling on the River! Join us for the ride of a lifetime at Rolling River Rampage VBS on Aug 6 – 10 from 6-8:30 pm. All rafters, 3 years old up to 5th grade, are encouraged to join us for a week of music, crafts, science, and Bible stories to help them learn that God is always with them as they ride the rapids of life. Register online or through the church office at 412-741-9430. Adults and youth, 6th grade and up, are also needed as volunteers. Contact Susie Moffett or Holly Burnett with any questions and to volunteer.