TNC is pushing to raise $20,000 needed to finish the new Home of Hope. Over the past 19 years, the original orphanage has supported over 26 boys and girls from infancy through 18 years of age. The Methodist-administered facility has provided love, guidance, safety, and education to some of the most vulnerable children, and continues to serve 17 children currently. Year by year, as both the orphanage and the children themselves grow older, the need for better quality facilities becomes more glaring. 

The original Home of Hope was constructed with young children in mind, offering little to no privacy for girls and boys as they grow into young adults. Currently, the girls and boys share a common bathroom and shower facility, and the boys’ sleeping spaces have been moved to a small detached office room next to the orphanage due to a lack of girls’ privacy. In addition, the outdated structure does not fit new Zimbabwean regulations assigned to orphanages, which is now standardized across the country. For the orphanage to continue, it must operate in a new facility, which has actually been completed for 2 years! But, without the needed home for the administrator, the children cannot occupy the new facility.

Bonus from TNC Members: when the $20,000 goal is met, members will spend a day painting at Healthy Village Learning Institute in McKeesport!

Won’t you consider donating to TNC’s crowdfunding to fund the administrator’s home and finalize the move to the new orphanage? You may give through SUMC (including via Easy Tithe) or visit: Campaign runs through May 15th!