Secret Pals 2018 runs from Sunday February 4th – Sunday February 25th

If you have not done this before, this is how it works.

Fill out a Secret Pal information sheet located at the back of the sanctuary and hand this back to Bola Nicholson or Dorothy Jadelowiec.

On Sunday, January 28th, come to the Simpson Room and draw the name of your Secret Pal. Keep this information to yourself… shhhhh.

For the four Sundays in February, bring a small gift or token of an amount between $1 - $3 for your secret pal, and place it on the table in the Simpson Room. On the last Sunday, 2/25, bring a larger gift ($5 - $10), and this is the day that the name of your Secret Pal will be revealed. On each of these Sundays, there should also be a gift for you from YOUR secret Pal.

The idea is not the gift but the opportunity to get to know someone in the church, whether you attend the Contemporary or Traditional service. This is for the whole church: men, women, and children (with parental permission) of any age. Add this person to your prayers, and even after the reveal date, continue to pray and be inspirations to each other… forever.

If you have any questions, please contact Bola Nicholson or Dorothy Jadlowiec