Sewickley UMC was blessed to have John and Cathy speak on July 16th about their work in Chile.  Cathy graduated high school with Pastor Russel and Nancy Shuluga. John spoke of reaching out to those with disabilities, especially the blind—his Seeing Eye dog joined him at the pulpit; Cathy spoke about her quilt evangelism ministry and how teaching quilting with a little Gospel lesson thrown in has made a difference in the lives of those who attend the quilt ministry. The free will offering plus funding from the Outreach Committee allowed Sewickley UMC to gift $1,020 to John and Cathy for use in their ministries. Thank you to all who contributed. If you would like to read more about John and Cathy’s work, information cards are available in the back of the church. You may also fill out the bottom of that to sign up to receive prayer letters or to donate financially to the ministry, or visit their website.