ATLM is dedicated to offering our brothers and sisters in Christ who live with a disability a space in which to foster relationships and build community. The faith-based, specialized Lake Erie fishing experiences can be life-changing stepping-stones on the road to independence for the guests. Participants come to ATLM with a variety of challenges; but, when in a supportive environment, they become eager to learn, prepared to make new friends, ready to take on new challenges, and they discover gifts they didn't know they had. Here is your chance to get this ministry floating. Repurposing of the boat, JoAnn M, into a charter fishing vessel that will accommodate a variety of special needs is already underway, but there is much more that needs to be done. To support this new ministry, SUMC will be accepting monetary donations, which will be taken to AC. As donations are received at AC, water will be added to a 20-gallon tank—a full tank will mean that the $19,000 goal has been met! Help be a fisher of “men” by marking your donation “At the Lake” and including it with your regular offering by June 4th. A goldfish bowl will also be in the sanctuary for your donation of coins.