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A message from our pastor.

10th Annual Haunted House

SUMC is proudly celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Haunted House! Over the past decade, we've featured werewolves, vampires, pirates, witches, mad scientists, and more zombies then we can count. There have been demented dentists, mad miners, unsettling undertakers, freakish fortune tellers, hysterical hillbillies, a wise-cracking head on a platter, and, of course, creepy clowns.

A couple of ghouls

Victims have been electrocuted in the chair, beheaded in the guillotine, tortured on the rack, hanged from the gallows, and who could ever forget that big guy with the chainsaw. Visitors have walked (or run) through graveyards, crypts, mazes, a sawmill, the Bates Motel, cornfields, an Egyptian tomb, a meat locker, a funeral parlor, a janitor closet, a wedding, a swamp, a prison, and a game show with no winners.

Over Coffinated

With such a rich and varied history of horrors, what can we do to mark our milestone of misfortunes? Since we didn't hold our street carnival this summer, we've decided to hold a fall, indoor carnival! There will be games, balloons, face painting, clowns, animals, and a freak show. We're throwing a party and everyone is invited!

Sewickley UMC's fall carnival will run the nights of October 23, 24, 30, and 31 from 7:00 to 9:00. What better way to spend Halloween?

For more information about our haunted house and photos from past years, check out our Haunted House page.

Looking for an outstanding wedding venue? SUMC is a beautiful, historic landmark nestled in the picturesque village of Sewickley. Our stained glass windows, pipe organ, and classically appointed, air conditioned sanctuary will provide the perfect atmosphere. Learn more.
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